Tuesday, January 17, 2006


MY GOODNESS it's been forever since I've thought about this little online coagulation of thoughts and ramblings! Well well well...where shall we start? hmmm how about personally. Personal life has been intersting to say the least...hell life in general is interesting if you think about it...a series of chemicals and elements all combining in an elaborate fashion to make not just a human but a PERSON. A person whose mind and emotions and feelings are all controlled by the combination of various chemicals and electrical impulses. It's amazing really if you think about it! Enough with the science lesson though...Army boi and I are still together and doing well! We have our little rough spots we have to work out and get through once in a while but we are definately committed completely to making this thing work. Dave is not quite used to being one of the most popular amongst a group of friends and I am always wanting to be on the go doing something with a set of our friends or organizing a big group of us to go to the mall or something LOL. Nothing like 8 or 10 gay men invading Franklin Park in a group! We have recently made a new friend Ben. He and Dave get along VERY well with all that "nerdy" stuff they like...and of course I love it too! It's so cute watching them go back and forth about scifi something. Ben is a great guy. On another note we signed for another year in hour apartment but we definately won't be staying there after this lease is up. Too damned expensive and with me not getting a raise anytime soon, gotta find something cheaper. Mikey and Scott are doing good and have moved into an apartment in the same building as ours YAY! Cory and Nate are doing well. Haven't seen them much since Cory got in with this new company...they hang out with the owner a lot. *shrugs* That and there is some friction between our two couples for some reason. Oh well! Cory and I have made it through worse. I have gotten involved with a local theatre here doing some lighting things with a friend of mine. I am really enjoying it and have met a great group of people who I seem to mesh with really well. On a more astounding note...I QUIT SMOKING as of August 1, 2005! YAY!!!!! Now if I can shed the extra 30 pounds of spare tire I seem to have aquired during the process. Now onto work. Work is always an interesting roller coaster ride of sorts. Well lets start with staffing changes. Cory = eliminated (same as David W.), STDJ = long gone, level 1 = so many changes we won't go into it, Todd stepped down as CEO and was replaced as CEO by our COO George. A close friend and I have nicknames for all these but that's an inside joke which is how it will stay. We'll see where the Airpath ride takes me from here!

Enough for now boys and girls. Hopefully more to come at a later time!