Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My oh my how time does fly when you're an adult. All too often lately I have found myself wanting to do something which is impossible. To simply resign my position as a functioning adult in society and assume the duties and responsibilities of an 8 year old. I believe we have all had this desire at times to just forget the troubles and woes and day to day drudgery that accompanies coming of age. Especially in this day and age.

I feel troubled for the youth of today and those we are incessantly bringing into this world. What is to be of their future if things are as they are now. Can we as a human race continue to improve ourselves and quality of life to a point of sustainable utopia? Has my generation as well as those before me left the world in such a state of discombobulation and disarray that our successors and heirs to this planet will not be able to repair the earth and our quality of life? These are things I ponder and fret over from time to time.

I myself have opted to not have offspring. Both because of my sexual orientation but also because parenthood is truly "not my thing." I have eight nieces and nephews so there are plenty to carry on the family name, traditions and blood line. I however still can't help but worry for my family's posterity what exactly is going to come of them as a result of decisions made by those that came before them. Will the little darlings I had a hand in helping shape into adults (to use a phrase I've used before) become more than the sum of their parts? Let us hope. In all of the history of my family only 1 person has gone on to pursue higher education to completion. My brother. While he holds two bachelor degrees he chose to work for my father and not use the degrees for the very noble career he had originally intended. He was to shape the minds, inspire great ambitions, and nourish the knowledge starved minds of today's youth. He was to be a teacher.

As I sit here at work and ponder these things and scribe my occasional mental regurgitation into an online blog for all to see and read, I wonder what life would be like if things were different somehow. Simply different. I don't know exactly what or how but if I had made a different decision when I was younger how that would effect me today. Would I be doing something different with my life. Where would I be? If I hadn't been raised to look at an obstacle not as something impossible but another challenge to conquer, who would I be now? I thank the divine powers for my parents and the influence they've had on my life every single day.

Though in the grand scheme of things my existence in this world will probably end insignificantly, I revel in knowing I have effected the lives of those around me and possibly inspired a few to greater heights than they thought were possible.

Just some things to think about :)