Wednesday, March 25, 2009



So boys and squirrels it’s time for the update. Those of you, who know me, know I’ve been a bit busy the past 3 months or so…hence the reason I haven’t updated my journal in a while. BUT it’s time to start that again since I have more time on my hands. I was seeing someone in Detroit, which didn’t work out for various reasons which I’m not going to get into here. Long story short, I’m single again and I’m going to stay that way for a good long while.

Skiboy and I are doing well in the living arrangements. I don’t cook, or at least can’t until the stove is hooked up, but dear Skiboy seems to be a master at making some fabulous meals with an electric skillet, crock pot, microwave, and a toaster oven! I never knew one could do so much with out a stove. My hats off to you Sir Skiboy, servant of Higgins and cuddler of Giles.

The kittehs seem to have taken to me pretty well. I think Higgins has a soft spot (or more) for me. I seem to have a knack for scratching his head in juuuust the right spot to make him go into a kitteh coma. Giles being the lover will let one hold him for hours on end and Saffy kitteh is truly a scardy cat so I don’t get a chance to hold her much (I have yet to do so). It’s kind of nice seeing the kittehs meander around the house and also curl up on my bed J. It’s calming when Higgins hops on my lap and makes his 18lb self comfy while I chat or watch TV. What can I say…I’m quite fond of the chirrens and they seem to have adopted me.

Other things in my life seem to be pretty well on track. Finances are steadily improving. The next three weeks will pretty tight but after that I should be sitting relatively ok to start paying some crap off. In about a year I’m thinking that I may be just about debt free, or at least that is the goal. It just takes me sticking to my budget to get it all accomplished.

Onward to other things…work has been going well for me lately. My boss and I are still getting along pretty smashingly as long as I don’t royally screw something up. Even then he doesn’t yell TOO much but I certainly get the point he’s pissed and I should only answer in “yes sir” and “no sir”. It’s nice working for someone who has confidence in me that I’m not constantly screwing something up. He should be anyway considering I’ve been doing this job for 2.5 years now. In another 2.5 years (god it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long) I will get another week vacation time giving me 120 hours of vacation. SO what that means is, Kimmy, John, Molly, and Ken better be ready for some real damn vacations! I haven’t been on a real vacation…well…ever! So it’s time for some road trips bitches! I am hoping to be able to go see my family this summer around my birthday as usual. But again, funds are going to be snug even 3 months from now (damn debt). So we will see how things pan out.

I figure this summer I am going to spend a little time dragging Skiboy around the lake (hence his name). It’s funny…I never knew his real name until like a year or more after I had met him. It’s a closely guarded secret. Hell even when I write rent checks to him, I have to stop myself from writing “Skiboy” on the pay to the order of line.

Allergies have kicked into high gear already this year. Hopefully they will be done in a few days like always. It sucks dirty monkey nutz like a Hoover on a rampage. And for those of you who have ever seen a Hoover on a rampage, you know what I’m talking about…it ain’t pretty.

NOW with all that having been typed in approximately 10 to 15 minutes I must get back to my actual job duties not giving you peeps fodder for later discussion.

Peace love and chicken hawking or whatever the saying is!